Posts & Beams

A recycled post or beam makes a strong architectural feature. Thor’s Hammer recycles large beams from bridges, wharfs and buildings.  These old structural members were sawn out of the most durable and hard Ironbarks and Gums. The beams can be reused as they are, or we can process them to give a range of appearances:

As Is:  We remove or cut off any protruding bolts (unless you want them left in), but otherwise leave the beams in their original condition. If the beam has come from an old bridge or wharf, it will be grey and weathered. Sometimes the original adze marks will be visible.

Wire Brushed:  We run over the timber with a wire brushing machine. This removes the splinters and lightly polishes the surface, and leaves the original character and colour.

Ground & Brushed:  The grinding with a coarse sanding disc brings back the colour of the timber, and the brushing smooths the surface and removes splinters. This process brings out the rustic features in the timber, because the old bolt holes and checking remain dark.

Re-Sawn:  We can saw the beams back to the exact size you require. They will be de-nailed and metal detected first.

Dressed:  Smaller beams can be dressed through a planing machine for a smooth surface that fully reveals the grain and colour of the timber.  

For detailed specifications, or more information on current availability and pricing of our posts and beams please contact us.