About Us

We design and make furniture and architectural products from recycled timbers. Thor’s Hammer builds to last, we believe in quality, in good design and taking care of the environment. 

We began in 1994, sourcing timber from local demolition sites to make custom furniture and kitchen tops. Not being able to stand by and see good timber wasted, we salvaged more and more timber from local demolitions, and our stocks grew quickly. Soon we installed sawing and dressing machinery at our workshop in the Old Canberra Brickworks, and increased our range to include architectural products, such as floor boards, timber cladding, durable hardwood decking and recycled posts and beams.  Recently relocating to Griffith, we are growing and continuing to offer our custom made furniture and recycled timber products to the Canberra region.

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From Demolition to Table

Recycling timber is exciting. The demolition site is like this massive pillow case at the end of the bed on Christmas morning full of old grey timbers waiting to be planed back and turned into beautiful furniture. Except if the demo guys bust them all cause the excavator operator is a bit rough and doesn't care, or the nails are rusty and won’t come out, or the timber is full of drying shakes, or…

At Thor’s Hammer we have been recycling timber for 20 years, and we have gained a lot of experience along the way… Read More

Environmental Manufacture

To minimise the environmental impact of our business, we take into account materials, energy use, building to last and waste. Read More

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Thor's Timber Story

I first started learning about timber as a kid, watching my grandfather in his shed and passing him tools, sweeping up sawdust and holding boards steady for him. He bought me my first hand plane when I was 12, and my first project with it was shaping a couple of pairs of stilts for my brother and I. Read More

1924 Brickworks Workers

Old Canberra Brickworks - Recent History

Thor’s Hammer has been designing and making furniture and recycling timber from the old Canberra Brickworks since 1994. We have custom built our operation to work around the old kilns and workshops, making great use of the somewhat difficult spaces, and always enjoying the amazing atmosphere of the heritage site.

The Brickworks operated from 1913 until 1976.  Since the Brickworks’ closure, it has had a rich history as a creative space for artisans, artists and other community uses.  Read More


Our experience with Thor's Hammer has been nothing but positive and every member of staff we have spoken to along the way has been helpful and friendly. We would especially like to thank yourself, Scott and Ben for being so willing to meet with us and for keeping us up to date with what was happening with our bench. It is clear that the staff at Thor's Hammer are not only professional but also passionate about what they do. As for the bench... well we can only say that it is stunning. The craftsmanship and love that has gone into it is clearly evident. It will be a treasured feature of our house for many, many years to come. You have given us a truly unique centrepiece of our new extension. Once again, thank you. We will take great pleasure in recommending you to everyone who comments on our spectacular bench." 

Simon and Kate Kinch, ACT

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