Jarrah End Grain Parquetry
Salvaged from 1920s Government Print Factory, Wentworth Ave, Kingston.
90 x 41 x 55mm high
50m² available

They don’t make government buildings like this anymore! From the old Print Factory down the road, these have been painstakingly cleaned, stacked on pallets and are ready to be laid.


Salvaged from UNSW Electrical Engineering building
60 x 19 mm
355 m² available

This photo shows the patina that comes on the boards, but it can be sanded back to reveal a mid brown timber with tight grain pattern and consistency in tone.


Northcoast Mahogany
Trinity College
60 x 90 mm
72m² available

Nice narrow boards with a lovely deep warm colour, this photo shows the look before and after sanding.

Salvaged from a Belvue Hills House
85 x 20 mm
95 m² available

By far our most popular timber, Blackbutt is a neutral timber with variation in colour. This is an example of what it looks like once it has been stripped back and finished.


Salvaged from Adelaide School Gym
60 x 20mm
104 m² available

This has been a favourite of ours. A gym floor complete with all of the paint! Many of our customers have chosen to strip this back to reveal the lovely light tones and it has also been used to create a feature wall as is.


Mixed Ash/ Tallowwood
Salvaged from St Luke’s Grammar School gym floor
60 x 22 mm
66 m² available

Another narrow board that is in great condition. We have sanded this sample back and applied Osmo oil.


Mixed Ash
Salvaged from Canberra Region
108 x 19mm
45 m² available

Mixed Ash from right here! This has quite a patina on it, but would come up nice and light with a sand. Ash is well known for dark features which adds a lot to it’s character.

Wide Jarrah.jpg

Wide Jarrah
Salvaged from Sydney house
180 x 22mm
18 m²

This one came to us from Andrew Banks (of Shark Tank) when it was recovered from his Point Piper house during a renovation. This is seriously wide and rare to find! We haven’t got a lot left, but it would make an exceptional entrance floor or lounge room feature wall.

We have plenty of stock that isn’t listed here, so drop us a line and see what we have available or if your after something particular we can try and source it for you.