Originally released in New York in the 1954, this icon of modern furniture design and craftsmanship was relaunched in 2014 with new century design modifications to celebrate sixty years of Polyhedrica. A limited edition of five pieces have been produced, one has been purchased by the National Gallery of Australia for their Australian Collection with four available for acquisition by the public.


Enrico Taglietti is recognised as an important architect and a leading practitioner of the late twentieth century organic style of architecture. His unique sculptural style draws upon Italian free form construction and post-war Japanese architecture.

Enrico has designed many houses, schools, churches and commercial buildings in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne and his projects have won numerous RAIA Awards. In March 2007 Enrico was awarded Australia's most prestigious architecture prize - the Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA) Gold Medal For Architecture.

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Thor's Hammer has been handcrafting furniture at the Old Canberra Brickworks for over 20 Years. Employing a team of master craftspeople, Thor's Hammer believes in good design, building to last and looking after the environment. 

The Polyhedrica project was led at Thor's Hammer by Thor Diesendorf, working with Enrico on the realisation and construction detailing. Hiroshi Yamaguchi, senior craftsman at Thor's Hammer, was responsible for the production of the chairs.  Sculptor Geoff Farquhar-Still collaborated on the project, with his team at Artillion individually hand making the bases using high grade stainless steel.

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the production

Producing the clean lines of the Polyhedrica chair involved a complex and precise production process, with 16 different angled joints in the construction of the plywood enclosure alone.  

The chair is glued together by hand using concealed timber connecting pieces and the highest strength adhesives. A host of clamps and jigs was required for the assembly.

The enclosure of the Polyhedrica chair is constructed using plywood made from high quality Australian hardwood. The ply is unusual in that every layer is equal in thickness, and every veneer throughout the whole thickness is made from selected Spotted Gum (eucalyptus henryi).

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Designer - Enrico Taglietti

Production - Thor's Hammer

Makers - Thor Diesendorf, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Geoff Farquhar-Still

Materials - Spotted Gum ply, recycled Red Mahogany (E. resinifera), stainless steel, upholstery.

Limited Edition 2 of 5


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