WOWZA ... it's been a while!

We've been busy sorting and preparing for the move folks and there's now loads more OUT THE BACK. We've gathered some great material that we unfortunately won't be able to take with us to the new home, so be sure to keep an eye out for blog posts over the next few months, you're bound to find some good stuff!

First up we’ve got flooring and cladding. Small packs of recycled flooring – both salvaged flooring and re-milled and some really cool batches of cladding material on sale.

The floor board sale is of all packs less than 35 sqm, selling for 30-50% off when the whole pack is purchased. If you’ve got a small project in mind, or keen to have a house with a mix of flooring throughout we’ve most likely got something that will suit.

There are some really rustic, old packs that have greyed off with time - perfect for a shed conversion or back yard studio, or there are fresher batches in great condition.

In the cladding we’ve got plenty of material perfect for an eclectic cladding project – ranging from battens, shiplap cladding, rounded profiled Oregon, wide Blackbutt V-joint lining boards, and rough sawn rustic square edge boards.

Captured above and below are a few of the packs. We’re here to help you chose the best pack for your project and suggest the best finishing method, so come on out and meander the racks!