Osmo Natural Finishes

At Thor’s Hammer, we have experimented over the years with many different environmentally friendly finishes for our timbers. The Osmo finishes from Germany have proved to be the best. Here is why:

Natural ingredients

  • The ingredients (which include Thistle Oil, Sunflower Oil and Carnauba Wax) are non-toxic, and the finishes are approved safe for children’s toys and food safe when dry.

Osmo lets the timber speak for itself. 

  • It brings out the colour and grain of the timber with a very natural appearance. No yellowing. Because Osmo penetrates the timber and forms a very thin surface coating, it is not visible itself, unlike thick water based and polyurethane coatings.

Osmo protects the timber very well. 

  • The combination of oils and waxes, and the special way the oils are processed to reduce the particle size, means that a very thin coat forms a very waterproof and durable surface. Full hardness does take time and it is best to take extra care of the finish over the first few months of use.

Easy maintenance. 

  • Osmo Hardwax Oil produces a surface which will not watermark or stain easily like a traditional oiled finish. If damage occurs, surfaces can be partially renovated, and unlike conventional lacquers, sanding of the whole area is not required. Osmo comes with an easy maintenance system. We supply a can of the Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner with all our furniture (included in the cost).

Very High Coverage 

  • Osmo products are concentrated to minimise use of solvents, make application quicker and reduce transport costs. The unusually high coverage has been verified on Australian timbers. 

For more information about the Osmo products visit osmo australia or osmo.de

Or download the very informative Osmo catalogues here