Slabs Just In - Salvaged from Cyclone Larry in QLD

We’ve just machined a fresh batch of slabs. They were originally salvaged from farm trees blown down in cyclone Larry in QLD, and the farmer moved down close to Canberra and brought the slabs with him. They’ve been drying for about 10 years and are just perfect for making furniture. We’ve put them through the machine so we can see the grain and colour and work out what species we have. We’ve had a look at them and there’s:

  • Tulip Oak

  • Bolly Gum

  • Silky Oak

  • Queensland Maple

  • A lone Hoop Pine

Prices range from $77 - $532 depending on size & thickness. Check them out at our showroom at 10 Mildura Street, Griffith or contact us below to talk to the design team about what’s available.