We have a diverse mix of people working with us here at Thor’s Hammer and would like to introduce you to some of the team.

First cab off the rank is David from our Design & Sales team. We took five to uncover what makes David tick.


Tell us what you love about timber...

I started working with timber from the age of 12, where I started wood turning. I was drawn by the aroma of timber— it always impressed me how each species had a unique smell that ultimately became one of the ways I was able to identify them. As I gained a bit of an understanding of different woodworking techniques, I was drawn to the traditional Japanese methods, particularly their ability to make items only using hand tools. I decided to study Art and Design at the ANU and ended up doing Honours, majoring in Furniture. 

David’s hand tools

David’s hand tools

What are you most proud of making?

The best thing I’ve ever made would have to be my acoustic guitar. I think the guitar has a good balance of art and engineering in a single object. Designing my guitar was a lot of fun but it proved to be challenging. Every design decision I made affected the way the guitar would sound. The timber selection was very important as it needed to have the right amount of resonance otherwise it would kill the sound of the guitar. My guitar was the one object that tested all of my woodworking abilities including hand cut joints, wood bending and accuracy. 

David and his handmade guitar.

David and his handmade guitar.

Rustic or Clean Dressed (timber of course)? 

I’m a rustic man I think, I like old things— not just timber but also classic Mini Coopers and old vinyl gramophones. I think rustic timber really brings out the history and I like the contrast of the marks left by saws and nail holes against the colour of the timber. 

If you had to work with just one timber…

Depends what I’m making, if its an internal piece of furniture I would probably choose White Oak or Rock Maple because of their grain patterns and light appearance. If its an external piece I would probably choose Spotted Gum because of the variation in colour, grain patterns and density. 

Downtime is best spent…

I like to start my Fridays with a movie or board games with family and friends. I’m a busy bee on Saturdays! I try to be productive and get as much done as possible, ideally woodworking projects like the bed I’m working on at the moment. I like a well deserved break on Sunday where I relax and hang out with family, maybe a game of soccer if the weather permits. I don’t do any work on Sundays. 

A rocking chair in the making by David. Laser cut from beech ply.

A rocking chair in the making by David. Laser cut from beech ply.

Recommend us your best source of inspiration 

I am a firm believer that the best designs stem from necessity. I draw inspiration when I’m faced with a poorly designed object. I’m a critical person by nature, so I ask myself How is the design of this object lacking?  OR  How would I have made this object? 

What do you love about your job?

I like designing and making things. At my previous jobs I worked on the tools making different things, however I wasn’t able to contribute in the design process at all and I wanted to be a part of it. Working at Thor’s I am able to be a part of the design process, as well as have a hand in the way its made. This enables me to use my skills to my full capacity. The best part is helping customers find innovative ways to bring their ideas to life using recycled timber.


Would you like to chat to David about an upcoming project?

Perhaps you would like to work with David? We are looking for someone with experience in furniture, timber or design to join our sales and design team.

Applications close soon. Find out more here.