Farewell to the Brickworks

On Wednesday this week we had our very last day at the Brickworks after 25 years. The end of a huge last two weeks of 12 hour days sorting and packing the last of our machinery and timbers, and the end of an era for Thor’s Hammer.

As we gradually dismantled our joinery machinery, then the high cantilever racking, the de-nailing line, and the offices it made me realise how much we had built over the years at the Brickworks. As everything went, we literally went back to the early days when we only had hand tools and basic equipment, a few truck loads of timber stock and for an office just a desk in the workshop.  

And encouraging even more memories, for that last week two of my employees from the early days Billy and Scott, came back to give me a hand with the clean up.

Thor, Scott and Billy loading up the last truck.

Thor, Scott and Billy loading up the last truck.

Scott and I took down the Thor’s Hammer entrance sign that we put up together 18 years ago.

Billy and I remembered how back when we first started in the 90’s the demolition companies didn’t see any value in recycling timber and we had to salvage it ourselves. And usually give them a case or two of beer for the privilege.

Leaving the Brickworks empty also made us appreciate how lucky we were to have the use of the site and have the space to grow a recycling business from the ground up. Thanks must go to the ACT government as our landlord for 25 years.

The empty yard

The empty yard

And we also appreciated what an amazing site it is. So much beauty in the old kilns and chimneys - all linked with that long spine of corrugated iron workshops, and such great forms the buildings have, especially set against the Canberra skies. There is so much potential with the redevelopment to turn the site into a great asset for Canberra.

Thanks to you all for your support over the years at the Brickworks, and I’m really looking forward to seeing you at our new site—the old Tip Top factory at 10 Mildura St—and showing you around the new set up.


Thor Diesendorf