Last of the CSR Pyrmont Wharf Timbers

We have been out on the chainsaw docking and grading the last of the CSR Pyrmont Sugar Wharf Piers.

Back in 2010 we salvaged the piers from this awesome old wharf. We sawed the round piers into squares, and then carefully stabilised them for 3 years to reduce the moisture content slowly.  

The timber is really durable Turpentine and Ironbark, and the timbers have a lot of character with surface checking and old marine borer holes. Any piers which moved too much in the stabilising process and ended up bent or twisted we have been sawing back again so they are nice and straight and square.

Great timbers for an entrance feature or a big outside pergola! 

We have a range of sizes left available from 175x175mm up to 300x300mm.