Good news on the move

The last of the Pyrmont Sugar Wharf timbers - docked and tallied

We’ve had some great news on our lease at Yarralumla Brickworks. The ACT Government and DOMA Group, the developer that will be taking over the site, have agreed to a five-month extension. This means we can stay until the end of March 2018 and will have the time we need to lease a new site and move in a timely, orderly way.

Although we haven’t our new home locked in yet, we’re working on a pretty solid option, which is exciting. We’re so thankful we don’t have to face the possibility of closing. Our aim is to start the move in February.

On other good news, we’ve been flat out at Thor’s Hammer and have in place a new team that is focusing on top-notch bench top and table making. It’s been super busy in the office quoting and drawing up jobs to keep ahead of production. This is part of the reason I have been slow to get this update out.

We’re also ploughing full steam ahead in other areas, including with our ‘Out The Back’ sale. Check out our stash of unusual sizes, bulk timbers from big demolitions and orphaned leftovers on our website.

You’ll be the first to know when we lock in a new site. We’re really pleased with the extension. It’s a welcome relief and we thank the ACT Government and DOMA Group for supporting our need for more time.

Thanks again to all our customers and supporters. All the best from the team at the Hammer.

Thor Diesendorf