2015 - A Big Christmas for 'The Hammer'

It's been a hive of activity at 'The Hammer' with so much happening in the workshop before Christmas!

2015 has by far been our busiest year, more people are saving the forests and choosing recycled timber. Thanks! The lead into Christmas has seen our joinery team wrapping up a number of really nice jobs, check out the photos in the slideshow below.

in the last 18 months we made significant upgrades to our workshop to offer our craftspeople the most efficient and safe working environment, we are glad we did otherwise we never could have coped with the volume of work!  

In 2015 we installed a new Martin spindle moulder from Germany, a clean electric multidirectional forklift, a super insulated drying room built out of two recycled shipping containers and a new solar kiln to dry timber.  

These workshop additions have all made a big difference, helping us reduce wait times on furniture and reduce our environmental impact.  As always, we combine the latest timber machine technology with old world hand tool joinery skills to create furniture which is built to last.

We have exciting developments for 2016 with the installation of a briquette machine to make firewood bricks from our sawdust. This will allow us to process our sawdust onsite and supply it as extremely dense, dry and hot burning fire bricks. Double recycled firewood, super efficient home heating! 

We finish up for the year at 4pm - Tuesday 22 December 2015

Open 8am - 11 Jan 2016

If you want something amazing built in the new year give us a bell, Have a fun and safe holiday!