Making a Table

Since launching our new website and Facebook page we have had a lot of people interested in our tables and how we make them, so we thought we might share some trade secrets!

Meet Ben Laffan, head of our Joinery team. Ben is a master craftsman, having not only taught Furniture Making at the ANU School Of Art, he also brings 15+ years of commercial joinery experience working in both Sweden and Australia. We are extremely lucky to have Ben on the team!

Ben is building a table out of River Red Gum, salvaged from a tree which was removed from near a house by an arborist, then sawn and kiln dried.  These photos lead you through the steps we take from dressing the raw, recycled timber in our high powered machines, through to cutting mortise and tenon joints and finally finishing the table top.

Over our 20 years of operation, Thor’s Hammer have perfected strong, tight fitting mortise and tenon joints which are the basis of a good table. Most of the mortise and tenon joint is quickly and efficiently cut with our powerful hydraulic mortising machine, before being checked and hand planed for the final accurate fit. You can see Ben doing this in the photos.

Nail holes and gum veins are filled with environmentally friendly Super Sap resin, then the timbers are sanded through our 1300mm wide planer sander. The final sanding is completed by hand, and the table is finished with Osmo Hardwax Oil, based on natural oils and waxes. 

Our joinery uses a combination of hi tech, high powered machinery and old world, hand made craftsmanship. 

By combining these two techniques, we can cost effectively build you a high quality furniture piece that will last you a lifetime! 

Table Details:
Timber: Salvaged River Red Gum*
Dimensions: 2300x1050mm 
Seats: up to 8 people 
Cost: $3,142.50. (at time of production)
*River Red Gum is one of our more expensive species. In recycled Blackbutt, the table would have cost $2,622.

We have a variety of sample timbers offering a wide range of finished textures and patterns ready for selection in our showroom. 

Give us a call to discuss custom making a table to your design and size requirements:  Contact Us