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Fire briquettes  

We turn our waste sawdust from furniture production into highly efficient, clean burning, fire briquettes for use in your home.

Using immense hydraulic pressure we compress the saw dust into fire briquettes resulting in a high density product with a very low moisture content (less than 12%). The natural lignins in the timber form a bond creating the briquette. No glue, no additives, just pure recycled hardwood sawdust.  

The result is a clean burning, cost efficient, environmentally friendly heat source for your home. And you can give away your axe! Order Here



Use less fuel to heat your home, get a hotter fire with less ash and creosote build up in your flue.

Fire bricks or briquettes are hugely popular in Europe for their convenience, efficiency and sustainability. Read what The Guardian has to say about the benefits and popularity of fire bricks here


Cost effective

Buy less moisture per tonne, burn less fuel and create more heat using super dense and dry fire briquettes.

Our tests on commercially available firewood show that the moisture content of the timber is up to 26%.

Our fire briquettes are 12% moisture content or below, on an average $330 1 ton delivery of regular fire wood you are paying $46 for moisture content which reduces heat output and creates smoke and creosote buildup. 



No more firewood deliveries dumped in your driveway left for you to stack, no more axe.

Our fire briquettes are delivered on a 1 tonne pallet, they can be delivered into your carport or garage* ready to throw on your fire. Or for the occasional fire buy them in the box of 12.

*forklift has clearance and surface gradient restrictions, more details on the order form



Made from sawdust from a recycled timber mill with no glue or additives. The density and low moisture content mean significantly reduced smoke emissions from your wood stove while at the same time saving forests and animal habitat

Switch to wood heating and reduce your carbon footprint.